Jewelry Care

As a general rule, the better you treat your jewelry, the longer it will last. Chemicals found in hot tubs and in certain perfumes or lotions can cause some metals to discolor, and can also cause your jewelry to turn your skin green. To keep your jewelry looking its best, avoid spraying perfumes or applying lotions near your jewelry. We advise against wearing any Mineral + Mine jewelry in the shower, swimming, or while exercising.
Sterling silver will tarnish when exposed to oxygen. As a preventative method, store sterling jewelry in a jewelry pouch or ziplock bag. To clean sterling, pieces without gemstones can be dipped into a liquid polish (our preferred brand is Goddard's Silver Dip) and then rinsed under running water. Jewelry with gemstones can not be dipped in polish (the chemicals can destroy and/or discolor some gemstones). Gemstone jewelry can be soaked in a mild soap and water solution, then scrubbed gently with a toothbrush. Rinse with water & dry with a soft cloth.
Gold fill will never tarnish or chip, but it will get dirty. To clean gold filled jewelry, use mild dish soap and water to create a wash solution and scrub gently with a toothbrush. Dry with a soft cloth.
Brass can absorb skin oils and become cloudy and fingerprinted. To clean, polish with a jewelry polishing cloth (our preferred brand is Sunshine).

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